More than once, I have been asked this question: If I get a ticket in another state, will it show up on my home state driving record?

The short answer is yes.

Forty-eight (48) states (all but Michigan and Wisconsin) belong either to an agreement called the “Driver’s License Compact” (DLC) or to the “Non-Resident Violator Compact” (NRVC).

When you get a ticket in one of these 48 states, that state will send notice of the ticket to your state DMV (or MVA, or whatever it is called in your state).

When your state gets this notice, it enters the ticket on your driving record just as if the ticket had been issued in your home state.

Among other things, this means that if you get a ticket in another state, and don’t pay it, your licensing state will suspend your license until you take care of that ticket in the other state.

Currently, these compacts only apply to moving violations such as speeding, not to non-moving violations such as parking tickets or equipment violations.

However, that is expected to change. Both the DLC and the NRVC are in the process of being replaced by the “Driver’s License Agreement” (DLA), a new interstate compact written by the Joint Executive Board of the DLC and the NRVC. Under the DLA, non-moving violations will also be covered.

**This article is designed to provide helpful information that can be read within 2 minutes. It is neither a full explanation of this subject nor legal advice. To learn more, and to get legal advice on which you can rely, contact me or another lawyer.

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